There's Never Been A Better Time For Stories That Encourage Hope...

Christian Audio Adventures Are The Perfect Resource For Encouraging Families In Your Church Who Need The Message Of

Faith And Perseverance!

Award-Winning... Wholesome Christian 

"Audio Adventures" That Bring 

Christian History To Life For Your Church

BEST PART: Christian "worldview friendly" audio listening instills hope... teaches valuable life lessons and Christian history... all at the same time…

Looking To Make Sunday School Come Alive?

Hi, I’m Bill Heid... and I’m the Executive Producer of the Extraordinary Adventures Of G.A. Henty Audio Adventure series.

A father of 5 children and grandfather of 19 with more on the way before the end of the year. I’ve written over 400 articles over the years on theology… raising kids and the importance of a distinct Christian worldview.


So why do I want to talk to you today about our audio adventures?

Dear Christian Friend,

If you're looking for a great way to instill hope and provide encouragement to the families in your church... this could be the most important message you may ever read.

Here's why: given the troubled world we live in... there has never been a better time to see our current condition in its proper historic perspective and see hope in our future too by recognizing how great Christian men and women have persevered and overcome difficult times in the past.  

Here is what I mean by that.

If we see our current lives and times as the only thing that matters... we often rob ourselves of the real possibility for spiritual growth that hardship often brings. (we also lose a sense of God's redemptive plan through history when we focus too much on "the now".)

By using our Christian past as our lens for examining our present situation... we can see how others have... with God's help... come though hard times and triumphed. In numerous cases... like Job for example... many end up in an even better place than before. More blessed and better for it... as a result of the test or challenge.

It's true... there are blessings on the "other side" of hard times... especially for those who remain faithful and trust in the Lord.

I hope We're On The Same Page Because...

It's right there that we can help. My company... Heirloom Audio has produced 11 full-production "Radio Theater" style broadcasts with great actors and actresses that will inspire hope right now and allow listeners to see hope in the future by making the past... come alive!

Here's A Quick Example... 

Behind The Scenes In Our London Studio

"'In Freedom's Cause' Being Recorded At the Sound House Recording Studio In London."

The Good News Is That We've Developed A Program For Churches... Churches Of All Sizes Called "Sunday School Adventures"

Listeners of our stories tell us that the productions provide lasting values and spiritual benefits… helping the listener see and believe in God's providential sustenance and blessing with remarkable clarity.

This is great for churches... with many uses in ministry. Here are just two:

First Great Use: in Sunday School. Either as a break from the curriculum you're now using or a wonderful stand alone or "done for you" curriculum when a teacher may not have adequate time to prepare. Perhaps you would want to celebrate a famous Christian's birthday or day in history... featured in one of our stories. Lots of uses! We're even in the process of developing a larger church curriculum for our stories.  

Second Great Use: as a "family friendly" listening program that encourages Godly thinking and decision making... through the use of our award-winning audio dramas. The productions feature great figures in our Christian past. 

Which is why...

All Families In Your Church Get Our Sunday School Adventures App!

Here's a look at a few screen shots from our new Sunday School Adventure App...

That said...

You could rightly call the program we've developed for churches an “investment” in the next generation.


And I truly believe that there has never been a better time to encourage God's people.


Because The Spiritual Battle For The Hearts and Minds Of Everyone In Your Church Is Raging In Today's World...

And There's A Way We Can Help!

Here's How:

I've figured out how I can give everyone in your congregation free access to our "Sunday School Adventures" Audio App.

Plus... all the program resources for churches.

Which is really a "Great Heroes In Christian History," a true "24-7" online library for your church... done in full-broadcast audio in such a way...

That children of all ages will love to listen over and over again!

What's cool too is... every member of your congregation who wants the service... gets access to the new... "Sunday School Adventures" app... so they have access to wholesome... encouraging stories... any time of day... anywhere in the world!

Because The Truth Really Is... There's Never Been A Better Time For Christians... To Hear Stories From Real History... That Encourage And Inspire!

Stories Like "The Dragon And The Raven"

We Produce 

"Audio Adventures"

That Bring Christian History To Life!

"Our Narrator... Brian Blessed... Discusses Our Vision Of Bringing Christian History To Life"

We call our history stories... “Christian Audio Adventures”...

Because the goal really is to transport the listener back in time to important events in the past…

Bringing “history to life” for the entire congregation... whether it's in a Sunday School class...

Or maybe a Bible study at home... or even as an "audio adventure" movie night with some popcorn.

Or just family listening... road trips... short or long... in the car.

Remember too... these audio dramas are designed for all ages, so the stories and the interactive guides are going to be a hit for almost every class...

Actually, what’s great… is our Christian Audio Adventures are actually a lot like “movies”… but they aren’t played in a theater or on TV…

Rather… they’re played in...

 The Theater Of The Mind!

"Our kids desperately need Godly direction and purpose!"

Which is why Audio Adventures help instead of harm a child’s cognitive development.

These are stories that will ignite the hearts and minds of the next generation!

And… according to studies… they can actually improve critical thinking… vocabulary… comprehension… even attention span. 

All pretty important, right?

Kirk Cameron... one of the stars in our stories... thought so too...

“These are awesome stories!”

“My son can’t wait for the next one.”

- Kirk Cameron, Actor (Fireproof, Monumental)

Kirk Cameron Is Just One Of The Stars In Our Productions

"Kirk And His Son James Working Together In Our Production Of... With Lee In Virginia"

It was indeed a pleasure working with Kirk and his son in the studio... and we've enjoyed the company of many great actors and actresses.

But the real reason I’ve created the Extraordinary Adventures Of G.A. Henty Audio series…

Is to provide churches, parents and grandparents with a fun way to communicate Biblical values…

And principles as they’re applied to real life… and doing so in a way that will engage kids… rather than bore them to tears…

One of our customers even called our Christian Audio Adventures...

"Disney For The Ears!"

But with a distinctly God-centered view of history.

History is, after all, HIS story. 

OK… here’s another example of how we like to tell “His” story:

 Best Sunday School Curriculum That  Kids Will Actually Listen To!

So far, we've produced 11 Audio Adventures. The productions are designed for kids of all ages... from 6 to 100.

Each production is around two and a half hours long… and they’re produced at the world famous… Sound-House Theatre in London.

"The Award-Winning Sound-House Recording Studio In London"

It's the very same studio where Focus on The Family’s remarkable "Radio Theatre" stories are recorded. Stories like C.S. Lewis’s "Chronicles of Narnia", the "Amazing Grace" story about Newton and Wilberforce and Dicken’s wonderful "Christmas Carol."

And like the Radio Theatre stories… our Audio Adventures are not books being read…

Instead, they’re “full sound,” “full broadcast” productions!

Featuring world-class actors and actresses… like "Adventures In Odyssey's" Chris Anthony...

adventures in odyssey

Chris Anthony Is Just One Of The Stars In Our Productions

"It’s Christian History Coming To  Life!"

“Adventure, intrigue…  these stories will keep you on the edge of your seat and show how God is a part of all history.”

- Chris Anthony, Voice of Chris on Adventures in Odyssey 

In Fact... Having Chris And Her Daughter Kelsey

Working Together In The Studio 

Was A Real Blessing!

"Chris And Daughter Kelsey On The Set Of With Lee In Virginia (Recorded In Hollywood)"

And Imagine Being Able To Work In The Studio With Actors Like Anthony Daniels Of C3PO Star Wars Fame!

Anthony Daniels

Anthony Daniels... C3PO In Star Wars... Is Just One Of Our Stars!

“Real action stories with strong moral elements!” 

"Plots and counter plots make for thrilling storytelling.”

- Anthony Daniels, Actor (C3PO – Star Wars)

"Anthony Daniels In Our Production Of The Cat Of Bubastes (Recorded In London)"

With Original Music Scores 

Written For Each Production By Emmy Award Winning Composer John Campbell!

award winning audio

John Campbell - Emmy Award Winning Composer

“These Are Epic Stories... Your Entire Family Will Love Them!” 

christian audio

We've Also Been Blessed To Have 

Such Amazing Talent In Our Productions!

chronicles of narnia audio
the hobbit audio
adventures in odyssey audio

Now... Close Your Eyes And Listen To The Trailer Below!

Here’s one more quick sample…

…a 60 second trailer from one of our productions… Captain Bayley’s Heir!

An award-winning story about the gold rush days in the old west.

award winning audio

I love that story… and I think you’ll agree with me…

There is no better time than right now for our Christian children to hear wholesome stories like these… stories that lift the spirit and teach God’s timeless truths.

What's remarkable is... your class won't even know it's Sunday School curriculum. 

Our Sunday School Audio Adventures are great for family listening too… so you can "loan them out" and they are also perfect for listening at home or on family road trips.

What's more...

Each production also comes with a “done for you” Sunday School teacher interactive... Worldview Guide.

And it's loaded with ways for you to engage any Sunday School class…

Designed specifically to create opportunities to discuss life's most important issues…

All from a distinctively Christian world and life view.

Here Are Our First Eleven Productions

Here Are Some Customer Reviews:

"These are really top-notch, audio theater experiences as well as an entertaining way to learn some history."

"New presentations from Heirloom Audio are really something special. The script writers, the sound engineer, the actors, the creator of the musical score, and others involved in making these productions have been involved in major, critically-acclaimed productions, and their expertise shows!"

adventures in odyssey

“Executive Producer Bill Heid totally created a masterpiece.” 

Katie Leigh (Voice of Connie Kendall - Adventures In Odyssey™)

Our Christian Audio Adventures will keep Sunday School kids excited and on the edge of their seats… But don’t take my word for it…

See what other teachers, parents and grandparents are saying. Lots of 5-star reviews here from other Christian parents and grandparents… just like you!

Click Here To Read More Of What Our Customers Are Saying

These are teachers, parents and grandparents who want edifying entertainment that truly reflects a Christian world and life view. And like me… I know that you know… just how important it is… to nourish your kids with powerful Christian values as they grow.

What could be more important, right?

Here’s Why Christian Audio 
Is So Important Right Now!

You see to me… the single most important thing… is to get great Christian worldview resources into the hands of churches, parents and grandparents… so they can equip the next generation… to let folks know… that there are wholesome alternatives to secular and humanistic entertainment. And these could also be the best homeschool curriculum for history.

Because… in my mind… instead of being salt… as Christian Sunday School teachers, parents and grandparents… we’re rapidly losing our kids to the secular culture.

That’s why I’m so excited about offering what’s going to look like a “too good to be true” price on our complete Christian Sunday School Adventure Worldview Library this year.

 Sunday School Curriculum 

Done For You!

christian audio

The nice part... is that you can even use the Sunday School Audio Adventures… and the “Done For You” Worldview Guide… as curriculum to create a stand-alone history class if you like.

Better Yet: here’s why this is a great deal... not just for your class... but for your entire church.

Each Audio Adventure comes as a 2-CD set and is sold normally for $29.95.

So, if you bought all eleven productions at the retail price – you’d pay around $300.00 for each library set.

With the Sunday School Adventures Program - your church gets 5 complete library sets - 55 total Adventure CD sets!

That would be $1497.00 retail for 5 sets.

Plus... the “done for you” worldview guides were sold separately for $20.00 each… but now they're printable, so print all you need!

 road trips

"The Church Loan Program Is Great For Family Road Trips!"

"The Perfect Easy-To-Use Sunday School Curriculum"

 Could Be The Single Best 

Sunday School Curriculum

 "Bang For The Buck" Your Church Will Ever Spend

Your Reward For Reading This Far: 

Four More Bonus Gifts!

I’d like you to have 3 more 2021 Worldview bonus gifts…

If you want to place your order right now… (Kind, right? Sorry if you’re offended… but stay with me while I load you up with more worldview goodies)

 Special Gift #1: Listen And Learn - The Back-End

Our website is full of resources and tools. Like coloring pages from the stories! 

The site is loaded with tons of fun activities.

christian audio
home school history curriculum
best home school curriculumhristian audio

 Special Gift #2: The Soundtracks ($300.00)

 Special Gift #3: Old Time Radio Shows  

Premium Access Worth $300.00

Plus... full access to thousands of "family friendly" old time radio shows from the Golden Age of Radio

There are many old-time radio show collections that exist today. Here's what we've done to create this one: We've gone through and eliminated the shows that were offensive or just plain anti-Christian in nature. Why, that's the last thing your church needs at this time in history... more agenda driven programming. Bottom line: you'll love this collection!

 Does Any Of This Sound Too Good To Be True?

 What’s The Catch?

Now, I know that when you hear offers that sound too good to be true... sometimes they are!

There always seems to be a catch, right? Because we all know that if something sounds too good to be true… better slow down and take a closer look… the Bible talks a lot about wisdom and discernment…

So be discerning! Please! I’m not offended…

Actually… I think it’s a sign of intelligence to be cautious. So yes… “full transparency”... there’s a small catch…

Actually, two of them… but they are easy and pain-free… I promise.

The first “small catch” … is that you have to agree to not resell our audio adventure CDs on eBay or give away the Audio Adventure streaming privileges and App... outside of your church family. 

This Sunday School curriculum is for your church and the families in your church only. You can however... auction the CD sets off locally to raise money to pay for the program.

The second “small catch” … really isn’t so much a catch… but more like a request.

If you do sign up and use the Sunday School Adventure resources and you're pleased, excited and you see value in the program...

I would like to ask you for two referrals. What do I mean by referrals? 

Simply this: just a recommendation to two "like-minded" churches that you think would also enjoy the service. That's it. This way we can reduce our marketing budget and spend more money on future productions. 

We already have two new scripts ready and are looking to raise money for the productions. 

I hope you can see that the “small catches” are, in fact, small catches. Pretty easy and effortless.

OK, you’ve read quite a bit…

You’re probably even annoyed a bit by now… wondering why I don’t get to the bottom line quicker.

So... let me quickly sum up…

I hope and pray it was worth the wait for you.

Here’s All The Resources

You’re Getting For Just $497.95!

You’re going to receive… as part of this year's 2021 Worldview Package…

1. Five Complete CD Library Sets… 11 Audio Adventures Per Set… Worth $1647.25


2. The Complete “Done For You” Worldview Guides For The Entire Library… Worth $200.00

3. The One Year… “Total Access” … Live The Adventure Club Membership For Your Entire Church… Worth $497.00

best home school curriculum

4. Sunday School Adventure App For Every Single Member Of Your Church!

Example: our individual "full-access" app costs $49.95 per year. So what's the value to your church? If you have 50 individuals or families that want the app... that would be 50 times $49.95 or $2,497.50. If you have 200 it would be $9,990.00. If you have 500 it would be $24,975.00 and so on.

Bottom Line: I Really Believe This Program 

Will Be A Blessing To Your Church!

So, when you claim your 2021 Sunday School Adventure "Worldview Package” by clicking on the button below...

you’ll pay just... $497.95 plus $14.95 shipping and handling. 

It really is an unprecedented value! Especially considering the Awards for Excellence our Audio Adventures have received…

It’s also a frugal, but high-value investment in your church family and maybe the best Sunday School curriculum on the planet.

 Here’s What You Should Do Right Now

Click The Order Button Below And Order Right Now...

 Because You Have Absolutely Nothing To Lose!

Here's Why:

If the package I'm offering your church isn't everything I say it is... If it doesn't lift up and edify your entire congregation. If the stories don't inspire and ignite the kids in your church... I'm more than happy to pay you...

Double Your Money Back!!

And guess what? This is not a 10-day guarantee. It's not a 30-day guarantee. It's not even a 90-day guarantee. 

It's a full year-long guarantee!

How can my company... Heirloom Audio... make such a guarantee?

How can we make a full year-long... double-your-money-back guarantee?

Well, you can only make this kind of guarantee ... if ... you are 100 percent your audio productions are going to make a difference in the hearts and minds of the next generation and ultimately... bless the people paying the bill. 

Does that sound strange to you? I’m sorry if it does, but no matter what... I intend to treat you like I would like to be treated. It's just that simple.

So please don’t wait… while it’s fresh in your mind… invest in your church family… invest in the next generation. The stories are designed to help youth (and adults too!) make Godly descisions when its tough to do so. 

It's an investment that’s going to have an impact for a long time down the road.

And you never know… You might just be inspiring the next great Christian hero. 

Thanks again for taking the time to read this message. You see, I firmly believe with all my heart… that investing in the next generation is the single best decision you can make and one that will reward your church family for years to come. 

In Christ,

Bill Heid

May God richly bless you and your church in these trying times!

P.S. If you would like to purchase individual Heirloom Audio titles, you may do so by clicking here. 

P.P.S If you have any questions at all... please click here to book a time we can chat about the program.  

christian audio
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